Have a sensational Saturday

Have a sensational Saturday

I can’t find something better to do than playing outdoors with my pups, and family. The weather in California is just perfect right now.

Great things to do on a Saturday:
Go outdoors and have a picnic, smell the flowers.
Catch up on the Olympics
Make a collage with the pics of your finished project, decorate it with lots of glitter.




Sunday mornings are usually lazy ones, and more after a three day weekend filled with activities and over energetic kiddos around, so for today’s brunch I decided to call in my heritage and prepare some Torrejas, which is a Spanish version of the French toast but with more calories and less egg flavor.

My dad used to prepare my brother and me Torrejas every time he could, that is, hiding and sneaking from my mom’s healthy breakfasts when she slept in during the weekends. The recipe is extremely easy -if my dad could make it, so can you- here it goes:

Pancake mix -watery down as to prepare crepes-
White bread sliced in half -triangle shape-
Butter -the real one, please-
Confectioner sugar

Heat up the pan, lower the flame to medium low and add 1 tbs of butter until it melts down, don’t let it brown! Dunk the triangle white bread into the pancake mix (be close to the stove because it drips) and then place it into the pan, be careful not to let the bread into the mix too much time because it gets so soggy, it crumbles and the Torreja gets ruined. Once the Torreja is golden brown on the down side, turn it over to finish cooking, as in any pancake, set it aside and repeat the procedure with the rest of the triangles.
Sprinkle confectioner sugar and cinnamon as much as you like and that is all! Torrejas for brunch.


Nice long weekend


4th of July weekend and I have no idea how to keep up with my kids’ energy, they want to do everything in just three days -thank God they know Sunday is for church and staying at home- from morning parade to swimming, movie theaters, park and bikes, fireworks, beach, tie dye projects, giving the dogs a spa, skating, flying kites, wii competition, outdoor grill…

One step at a time, I know that for sure, but right now procrastinating seems far more appealing than starting to hushing every one from their lethargy -including me- and enjoy a wonderful weather with Sun and some breeze.

I believe my second cup of espresso is starting to kick in, ideas are starting to fall in place and the urge to go outdoors has begun!

Happy Fourth of July everyone, enjoy the day!


Energy Poverty has the Face of a Woman


I love the way they included spiritual light into actual light, that is, you cannot empower an individual if you cannot bring light into her heart, but how can you keep asking a person to say affirmations, trust programs and initiatives if every time at dusk their lives become dark and are not able to provide a safe environment?

Girls' Globe

Approximately 1.2 billion people – almost one fifth of the world’s population – live without access to electricity needed for day-to-day activities, such as lighting the home, keeping children and the elderly cool during the summer, charging your phone’s battery or meeting the needs of small enterprises. They use candles or kerosene wick lamps for lighting, and often go days without the ability to communicate with the outside world as they can’t find a place to charge their mobile phones. Worldwide, 2.8 billion people rely on traditional energy sources like burning wood or animal dung on open fires for cooking and boiling water, which leads to health and economic burdens that predominantly fall on women and girls.

Anywhere from 50 to 70% of people without access to energy are women and girls.

Women and girls bear the primary responsibility for fetching firewood, cooking and other domestic work, making them disproportionately affected…

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My dad advise for a bright start

My dad advise for a bright start

All you need is love, is true but also we need a bright start to make the most of the day, how to do it? Well sometimes is easier to say than to do it but the secret is simplicity: make a routine that will transform into a habit – a positive one-

My dad has this great recipe: Every morning he wakes up take a deep breath and relax, he opens his mind and think of an intention to set in motion that day. Simple huh?

My dad has always told me to try to stick to the intention during the day, without pressuring myself for not doing it or feeling like I’m down the road no matter how hard I’m trying. When the day is not going as “intended” my dad advise is to go back to the moment of waking up:  take a DEEP BREATH and relax, open your mind and think of the intention to set in motion THAT DAY, is like a reboot, a moment to take ourselves out of the equation and see things differently without changing the goal to achieve.

Apart of the intention, we can use the help of Mother Earth with gemstones to remind us of our intention of the day and to align our energy with the Universe and manifest, take a look of what to use for each purpose:

  • Abundance. Amber, green jade and chalcedony inspiration for good fortune and financial guidance manifestation.
  • Power. Aquamarine, amethyst and rose quartz inspiration for courage and fierce protection.
  • Passion. Coral, red jasper and chalcedony inspiration for love and passion.
  • Courage. Carnelian, hematite and clear quartz inspiration for conflict resolution and justice.
  • Wisdom. Lapis Lazuli, smoky quartz and pewter inspiration for manifesting our goals.
  • Romantic beauty. Moonstone, rose quartz and green jade inspiration for feminine grace and confidence.
  • Hope. Amethyst, strawberry quartz and rose quartz inspiration for healing, protection and bliss.

Although I have been married for over a decade and live 3,000 miles away, my dad keeps calling me from time to time just to check on me if “I’m still breathing my bright start”.

My dad is a 68 year old optimistic guy who tells the worst jokes in the planet, he loves cup cakes and sweeties but he can’t eat them so he only dreams of them or cheat every time he can, he cheers you up and make your heart runs wild with famous quotes, he is always there when I need him, his favorite flower is jazmin and he is a History channel number 1 fan.

Love you dad.

From after school activity to girls’ biz

From after school activity to girls’ biz

Sunday morning, my favorite espresso at hand, browsing the web for some amazing story to find, or some inspiration to arrive, maybe blogs to reblog, but nothing felt like “right” at that moment.

Out of the blue my daughter Fiona stomped down the stairs, hugged me and after trying to look over the iPad and figure out what was I doing, she finally asked: “mom, have you written about how we got into this?”.

I realized that I haven’t done so.

So, here it goes the story about how an after school activity for my daughters and bonding time with mom (that’s me!)  evolved into a girls’ biz adventure:

My daughter Fiona and me love to design, create and transform what ever we have at hand, we try to spend our few free afternoons doing crafts, specially jewelry. My little one, Miranda between cartwheel and monkey jumps stops by to bead little tiny charms that are almost invisible to my eyes or made patterns inspired by the latest animal she has read about.

The next day the bracelets are gone and in the hands of friends, theirs and mine… We made the bracelets everyday as a reminder of faith and spirit, thinking of each person and trait, we included little words that reminded our friends their awesomeness, their beauty and of course that whatever sadness was going on it shall pass.

When our real family business started to slowdown, my girls and I decided to make our hobby an e-commerce start up. We presented the “girls biz plan” to my husband, he reviewed it and supported us all the way. He jumped right in teaching us how to upload files, web sites, domains, e-commerce and of course sales!

What started as an after school activity, a mother-daughter bonding time type, has evolved into an adventure for the entire family, a fun and marvelous endeavor called Mia Joia that has brought my family even closer than we were before.

Pure bliss.

Disney faces backlash over new “sexy” Merida; pulls new image from web site as a result


talking about girl power… I just love Merida the way she was created: wild and truthful to her self.

Dr. Rebecca Hains

UPDATE, May 16, 2013Disney has stated that 1. the 2D image was never on their official web site in the first place (though, oddly, it’s all over the official Australia/NZ version of the Disney Princess site–which may have been the source of any confusion), and 2. they will not be retracting the new Merida.

Click here for my new post, in which I argue they missed the whole point of the petition. Clearly, we still have work to do.


On Saturday, Disney held a “coronation ceremony”(1) for Merida, star of the Disney-Pixar film Brave. In the coronation, Merida officially became part of the Disney Princess lineup. This means that her image has been added to the 2D collection of princesses in a cartoon form that fits stylistically with that of her princess peers.

Unfortunately for Disney, the new cartoon image of Merida that Disney created…

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Girls and Women Empowerment

Girls and Women Empowerment

We have all heard about empowerment, we read about it, maybe we have endorsed one or two causes, maybe none, but still we have an idea of how an empowered girl can become a great woman.

I believe there are so many things still to do, research, understand and manifest regarding empowering women since their early stages and how such transformation can heal our community and the globe.

Call it my aha moment, or merely wishful thinking, nevertheless I’m on the path of a real career change and decided to follow my dream to create an organized space for ideas to converge and to dedicate my time researching, understanding and sketching a road map to prevent violent conflict by promoting women and girl empowerment holistically; and trying to support organizations that are already working on it, thru social media, academia and active participation.

I want to empower girls and women one idea at a time, so stay tuned for a future website, that hopefully will become more than a dream.

Websites for the Greater Good: Non-Profits on WordPress.com


Girl Power… What can I say? I believe is a MUST for every single girl in the planet to have the choice, the education, the opportunities, the economic support, AND the confidence to make their dreams happen.
So many non-profits we can choose from to join, support, donate, volunteer… we have to start making a difference today. 🙂

The WordPress.com Blog

All kinds of organizations make their home on WordPress.com: small businesses, municipalities, religious organizations, schools, community groups. We also provide an online HQ for quite a few non-profits, from the global to the hyperlocal. They turn to WordPress.com for an easy-to-use, low cost solution that gets them an effective web presence without diverting thousands of dollars from their missions: helping others.

Here are just a few of the organizations that call WordPress.com home, and some of the ways they’ve used WordPress.com to create compelling sites that tell their stories and engage their supporters — nearly all for little or no cost:

Girls’ Globe

Girls’ Globe is a Sweden-based non-profit that connects individuals and organizations dedicated to the rights, health, and empowerment of women and girls.

Girls' Globe

The site creates a space for bloggers and non-profits to share stories of their challenges and successes. Each of those stories becomes a learning experience for…

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