Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

I kept thinking on how to honor a wonderful role in the world without being too fluffy, reiterative, not original but I’m afraid that at the end I’ll be writing something pulled out from a purchased card, anyway here it goes.

I’m trying to remember all the Mother’s Day I had with my mom when we live in Mexico and how many times she told me NOT to buy her anything regarding house chores, gardening, cooking or “I thought you would like a new hobby” present, NOT to take her out for lunch or dinner that day because “there are endless waiting lines and bad service”, NOT to buy her flowers because they are “over priced just because of the day” and so on.

You may wonder how did we celebrate my mom? Well, we tried to surprise her one or two days before –or after- with a dinner and her favorite music (I still remember her face when my dad bought the first eight track tape for her car), during the dinner she always reminded my brother and me NOT to give her anything if it didn’t come from our heart, and that the BEST GIFT we could ever give her is to be a GOOD son and DAUGHTER not only one day of the year, but ALL THE YEAR because she was a mother not only one day of the year but all the year too.

Of course I’ve really tried to keep her advice on being a good daughter and celebrate Mother’s day with only things that came from my heart. Since I was five years old I remember crafting all kind of trinkets for her not only at school but at home too, and yes in all those years my mom cherished the awful little necklaces and bracelets I made with all sort of creative materials: paperclips, pasta shells, buttons, plastic straws, shoe laces, yarn, and clay. But you know something? The best part was that she wore all of them like if they were the most expensive jewelry in the planet.

Now I’m a mother too and believe it or not I told my girls EXACTLY the same thing my mom told me: a mother’s best gift is having great kids and having the opportunity to enjoy life with them –which of course I have-

But contrary to my mom I DO celebrate Mother’s Day… DOUBLE! May 10th like in Mexico and the second Sunday of May like in the US, so I’ll be spending the entire weekend with my girls, my husband and my three really old dogs, as any other weekend, having fun and trying to make the best of the day, with great food prepared by me, great music selected by my girls, and wonderful games sponsored by my husband.

Thank you mom for the lessons you gave me, and thank you dad for explaining to me the challenges of being a mother… now I understand.

Te quiero ma.

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