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Sunday mornings are usually lazy ones, and more after a three day weekend filled with activities and over energetic kiddos around, so for today’s brunch I decided to call in my heritage and prepare some Torrejas, which is a Spanish version of the French toast but with more calories and less egg flavor.

My dad used to prepare my brother and me Torrejas every time he could, that is, hiding and sneaking from my mom’s healthy breakfasts when she slept in during the weekends. The recipe is extremely easy -if my dad could make it, so can you- here it goes:

Pancake mix -watery down as to prepare crepes-
White bread sliced in half -triangle shape-
Butter -the real one, please-
Confectioner sugar

Heat up the pan, lower the flame to medium low and add 1 tbs of butter until it melts down, don’t let it brown! Dunk the triangle white bread into the pancake mix (be close to the stove because it drips) and then place it into the pan, be careful not to let the bread into the mix too much time because it gets so soggy, it crumbles and the Torreja gets ruined. Once the Torreja is golden brown on the down side, turn it over to finish cooking, as in any pancake, set it aside and repeat the procedure with the rest of the triangles.
Sprinkle confectioner sugar and cinnamon as much as you like and that is all! Torrejas for brunch.



Energy Poverty has the Face of a Woman


I love the way they included spiritual light into actual light, that is, you cannot empower an individual if you cannot bring light into her heart, but how can you keep asking a person to say affirmations, trust programs and initiatives if every time at dusk their lives become dark and are not able to provide a safe environment?

Girls' Globe

Approximately 1.2 billion people – almost one fifth of the world’s population – live without access to electricity needed for day-to-day activities, such as lighting the home, keeping children and the elderly cool during the summer, charging your phone’s battery or meeting the needs of small enterprises. They use candles or kerosene wick lamps for lighting, and often go days without the ability to communicate with the outside world as they can’t find a place to charge their mobile phones. Worldwide, 2.8 billion people rely on traditional energy sources like burning wood or animal dung on open fires for cooking and boiling water, which leads to health and economic burdens that predominantly fall on women and girls.

Anywhere from 50 to 70% of people without access to energy are women and girls.

Women and girls bear the primary responsibility for fetching firewood, cooking and other domestic work, making them disproportionately affected…

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Disney faces backlash over new “sexy” Merida; pulls new image from web site as a result


talking about girl power… I just love Merida the way she was created: wild and truthful to her self.

Dr. Rebecca Hains

UPDATE, May 16, 2013Disney has stated that 1. the 2D image was never on their official web site in the first place (though, oddly, it’s all over the official Australia/NZ version of the Disney Princess site–which may have been the source of any confusion), and 2. they will not be retracting the new Merida.

Click here for my new post, in which I argue they missed the whole point of the petition. Clearly, we still have work to do.


On Saturday, Disney held a “coronation ceremony”(1) for Merida, star of the Disney-Pixar film Brave. In the coronation, Merida officially became part of the Disney Princess lineup. This means that her image has been added to the 2D collection of princesses in a cartoon form that fits stylistically with that of her princess peers.

Unfortunately for Disney, the new cartoon image of Merida that Disney created…

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Girls and Women Empowerment

Girls and Women Empowerment

We have all heard about empowerment, we read about it, maybe we have endorsed one or two causes, maybe none, but still we have an idea of how an empowered girl can become a great woman.

I believe there are so many things still to do, research, understand and manifest regarding empowering women since their early stages and how such transformation can heal our community and the globe.

Call it my aha moment, or merely wishful thinking, nevertheless I’m on the path of a real career change and decided to follow my dream to create an organized space for ideas to converge and to dedicate my time researching, understanding and sketching a road map to prevent violent conflict by promoting women and girl empowerment holistically; and trying to support organizations that are already working on it, thru social media, academia and active participation.

I want to empower girls and women one idea at a time, so stay tuned for a future website, that hopefully will become more than a dream.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

I kept thinking on how to honor a wonderful role in the world without being too fluffy, reiterative, not original but I’m afraid that at the end I’ll be writing something pulled out from a purchased card, anyway here it goes.

I’m trying to remember all the Mother’s Day I had with my mom when we live in Mexico and how many times she told me NOT to buy her anything regarding house chores, gardening, cooking or “I thought you would like a new hobby” present, NOT to take her out for lunch or dinner that day because “there are endless waiting lines and bad service”, NOT to buy her flowers because they are “over priced just because of the day” and so on.

You may wonder how did we celebrate my mom? Well, we tried to surprise her one or two days before –or after- with a dinner and her favorite music (I still remember her face when my dad bought the first eight track tape for her car), during the dinner she always reminded my brother and me NOT to give her anything if it didn’t come from our heart, and that the BEST GIFT we could ever give her is to be a GOOD son and DAUGHTER not only one day of the year, but ALL THE YEAR because she was a mother not only one day of the year but all the year too.

Of course I’ve really tried to keep her advice on being a good daughter and celebrate Mother’s day with only things that came from my heart. Since I was five years old I remember crafting all kind of trinkets for her not only at school but at home too, and yes in all those years my mom cherished the awful little necklaces and bracelets I made with all sort of creative materials: paperclips, pasta shells, buttons, plastic straws, shoe laces, yarn, and clay. But you know something? The best part was that she wore all of them like if they were the most expensive jewelry in the planet.

Now I’m a mother too and believe it or not I told my girls EXACTLY the same thing my mom told me: a mother’s best gift is having great kids and having the opportunity to enjoy life with them –which of course I have-

But contrary to my mom I DO celebrate Mother’s Day… DOUBLE! May 10th like in Mexico and the second Sunday of May like in the US, so I’ll be spending the entire weekend with my girls, my husband and my three really old dogs, as any other weekend, having fun and trying to make the best of the day, with great food prepared by me, great music selected by my girls, and wonderful games sponsored by my husband.

Thank you mom for the lessons you gave me, and thank you dad for explaining to me the challenges of being a mother… now I understand.

Te quiero ma.