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Sunday mornings are usually lazy ones, and more after a three day weekend filled with activities and over energetic kiddos around, so for today’s brunch I decided to call in my heritage and prepare some Torrejas, which is a Spanish version of the French toast but with more calories and less egg flavor.

My dad used to prepare my brother and me Torrejas every time he could, that is, hiding and sneaking from my mom’s healthy breakfasts when she slept in during the weekends. The recipe is extremely easy -if my dad could make it, so can you- here it goes:

Pancake mix -watery down as to prepare crepes-
White bread sliced in half -triangle shape-
Butter -the real one, please-
Confectioner sugar

Heat up the pan, lower the flame to medium low and add 1 tbs of butter until it melts down, don’t let it brown! Dunk the triangle white bread into the pancake mix (be close to the stove because it drips) and then place it into the pan, be careful not to let the bread into the mix too much time because it gets so soggy, it crumbles and the Torreja gets ruined. Once the Torreja is golden brown on the down side, turn it over to finish cooking, as in any pancake, set it aside and repeat the procedure with the rest of the triangles.
Sprinkle confectioner sugar and cinnamon as much as you like and that is all! Torrejas for brunch.